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Keeping Your Home Safe and Powered

At Gilbert Sons Electric, we understand the crucial role your home’s electrical system plays in ensuring comfort, safety, and functionality. Our team of highly skilled and certified electricians offers a comprehensive range of residential electrical services to meet all your needs, from installations and repairs to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Electrical Panel Upgrades:
As your home’s electrical demands evolve, your existing panel might not be able to handle the increased load. This can lead to tripped breakers, flickering lights, and even potential safety hazards. Our electricians can assess your electrical needs and recommend and install the appropriate electrical panel upgrade to ensure your system’s safety and capacity.

Signs You Might Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade:
● Frequently tripped breakers
● Flickering or dimming lights
● Burning smell from the electrical panel
● Inconsistent power supply
● Planning major appliance additions (e.g., electric vehicle charger, hot tub)

Lighting Installation and Repair:
From installing recessed lighting and ceiling fans to troubleshooting flickering lights and faulty switches, our team is adept at handling all your lighting needs. We offer various lighting solutions to enhance the ambiance, functionality, and safety of your living space.

Types of Lighting Services:
● Recessed lighting installation
● Track lighting installation
● Pendant lighting installation
● Ceiling fan installation and repair
● Chandelier installation
● Landscape lighting installation
● Undercabinet lighting installation
● Troubleshooting and repair of existing lighting fixtures

Outlet and Switch Installation and Repair:
Damaged outlets and malfunctioning switches pose safety hazards and disrupt daily routines. Our electricians can efficiently install new outlets and switches in any room, ensuring they meet current safety standards and electrical codes.

Common Outlet and Switch Issues:
● Sparking outlets
● Hot outlets
● Loose outlets
● Faulty switches
● Adding outlets for additional appliances
● Upgrading switches to dimmers or smart switches

Ceiling Fan Installation:
Ceiling fans not only provide comfort during hot Arizona summers but also improve air circulation, reducing energy consumption. Our team can expertly install ceiling fans in any room, ensuring proper function and electrical safety.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans:
● Improved air circulation and comfort
● Reduced energy consumption and cooling costs
● Enhanced aesthetics and functionality of your living space
● Various styles and designs to complement your décor

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation:

These life-saving devices are crucial for early detection of fire and harmful gases. Our electricians can install new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or replace existing ones, ensuring your home’s safety.

Importance of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
● Early warning of fire and carbon monoxide leaks
● Increased safety for your family and pets
● Compliance with building codes and safety regulations

Spa and Pool Wiring:
Installing and maintaining a spa or pool requires qualified electrical expertise to guarantee safety and functionality. GSE’s electricians are adept at handling spa and pool wiring, adhering to all relevant safety codes and regulations.

Electrical considerations for Spas and Pools:
● GFCI outlet installation for added safety
● Dedicated circuits for pool pumps and filtration systems
● Proper bonding and grounding to prevent electrical shock
● Underwater lighting installation (if applicable)

Home Theater Wiring:
Create an immersive home theater experience with proper electrical wiring for your entertainment system. Our team can design and install a customized wiring solution to power your audio and video equipment.

Considerations for Home Theater Wiring:
● Dedicated circuits for high-power equipment
● Coaxial cable installation for cable TV or satellite connections
● HDMI cable installation for high-definition audio and video
● Speaker wire installation for surround sound systems
● Low-voltage wiring for control systems and lighting

Troubleshooting and Electrical Safety Inspections:
Experiencing electrical issues like flickering lights, buzzing sounds, or tripped breakers? Our electricians can diagnose the problem and provide effective solutions. We also recommend regular electrical safety inspections to identify potential hazards and ensure your home’s electrical system is up to code.

Benefits of Electrical Safety Inspections:
● Identify potential electrical hazards before they cause problems
● Prevent electrical fires and shocks
● Ensure your home electrical system is up to code
● Increase the safety and functionality of your living space

Additional Residential Electrical Services:
In addition to the services listed above, Gilbert Sons Electric offers a variety of additional services to cater to diverse client needs:
● Security system installation: Enhance your home security with a professionally installed system.
● Data cabling and network wiring: Ensure reliable data and network connectivity throughout your home.
● Appliance installation: We can safely install various appliances, including dishwashers, ovens, and cooktops.
● Holiday lighting installation: Add festive cheer to your home with professional holiday lighting installation.
● Generator installation: Maintain power during outages with a backup generator installation.
Why Choose Gilbert Sons Electric for Your Residential Electrical Needs?
● Experienced and certified electricians: Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in various residential electrical services.
● Commitment to quality: We are dedicated to delivering top-notch workmanship and using only the highest quality materials and equipment.
● Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service.
● Exceptional customer service: We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients and exceeding their expectations throughout the project.
● Safety first: Safety is our top priority. We implement strict safety protocols, maintain all necessary licenses and insurance, and ensure our team undergoes regular safety training.

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